A Safe Secure Home


In a rapidly gentrifying city, diminished access to affordable housing poses a dire problem to low-income District residents. Our clients live in deplorable conditions, often at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords who illegally charge exorbitant amounts for unsafe, poorly maintained dwellings. Many of the area's low-income residents function as primary caregivers to children and young people, groups who are especially vulnerable to the health and psychological consequences associated with housing uncertainty.

The LSIC Civil Department works tirelessly to ensure that the area's poor and indigent don't become the pawns of abusive landlords and property managers. We act as the last line of defense against housing abuse: we protect the vulnerable from unjust evictions and unsafe dwellings as well as unfair rent increases. Moreover, through our public outreach and community advocacy efforts, we also help empower low-income residents to take a bold stand against unjust housing circumstances.

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